Humans are nothing more than temporarily animated humus. This one line by Justin Maltry, an environmental activist, is epiphanic in the way it captures our relationship with the ground beneath…

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Forganic Farming

How is TI..EE..DI different from other organic farms? After embarking on this quest to build a forest garden, we get confronted with this query a lot. It isn't easy answering the question, because…

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Our Projects

We evaluate and choose our projects on every three year cycle so that we have a sharper short-term focus while also remaining aligned with our long term vision of creating…

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Fauna – An introduction

Fauna comes from the Greek names Fauna, a Roman goddess of earth and fertility, the Roman god Faunus, and the related forest spirits called Fauns. Understandably so, no forest garden…

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Mulberry Tree

As part of our larger plan to build a food forest, we have planted about 20 Mulberry tree cuttings this year. To be honest, I had no idea that mulberries…

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The Tzzz… of the Tzitzikas!
A Tzitzika nymph?

The Tzzz… of the Tzitzikas!

Today was one of those kinda days when an encounter in the wilder realms of our forest garden leaves us enthralled and excited enough to be jumping around like a couple…

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