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Earthy Dwellings!

Our dwellings for human habitat in our forest garden will blend in beautifully with all elements in its vicinity. No cold aloofness of cemented walls or rattlingly obnoxious tin roofs! Our dwellings rest on strong triple layered stone foundation and the walls will rise up on a bamboo structure caked with mud, cow dung and shredded jute bags. This technique of weaving the bamboos and plastering them with the mixed solution is known as Wattle and Daub. The thatched roof would be covered with abundantly available Siru grass that acts as an excellent water repellent whilst blending in beautifully well amongst the forest trees.

Watch this space and follow our project on Earthy Dwellings as we endeavour to build eco-friendly mud huts in which one can breathe, cook (oh yes we are building a kitchen also in this hut!), eat and sleep better.

Siru Grass plucked and dried to make it ready for thatching.
Laying the foundation.

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