‘Nature will not be conquered, except by Obeying’

(”Natura enim non nisi parendo vinvitur“)

At first men try with magic charm
To fertilize the earth,
To keep their flocks and herds from harm,
And bring new young to birth.

Then to capricious gods they turn
To save from fire or floods;
Their smoking sacrifices burn
On altars red with blood.

Next bold philosopher and sage
A settled plan decree,
And prove by thought or sacred page
What nature ought to be.

But Nature smiles – A Sphinx-like smile-
Watching their little day
She waits in patience for a while
Their plans to dissolve away.

Then come those humbler men of heart
With no completed scheme,
Content to play a modest part,
To test, observe and dream.

Till out of chaos come in sight
Clear fragments of a whole-
Man, learing Nature’s way aright,
Obeying, can control.

The great design now glows afar;
But yet its changing scenes
Reveal not what the pieces are
Nor what the puzzle means.

And nature smiles – still unconfessed
The secret thought she thinks –
Inscrutable she guards unguessed
The riddle of the Sphinx.

– William Cecil Dampier

Take it Easy is well connected to the main town Darjeeling via NH 55.  At Take it Easy farm you can spend your days ambling by the narrow trails that criss-cross our cardamom fields or just sitting by the gurgling brook that rushes down the valley or laying in one of our hammocks…listening to the Tzzz…of the Tzitzikas… looking up at the blue sky and falling leaves and…doing…nothing!

For those who wish to get their hands earthy, TI..EE..DI also offers volunteer programs to help with our ongoing projects on the farm.

Kindly check the Earthy Dwellings and the Volunteering page for further details and bookings.

Come! Stay with us and Take it Easy for a while.