We are excited to let you know that we now have three options for travellers to stay with us. To book directly with us, please use the enquiry form at the bottom or you can book directly with airbnb.

Tieedi Dwellings have been ranked as the No.1 speciality lodging in Darjeeling by travellers from all around the world.


TIEEDI Air Dwelling

With Air Dwelling, we have taken our first flight off the ground on natural buildings. Conceptualised as a dwelling that is floating in the air, it is projected out amongst the trees and amidst the floating clouds and the fleeting birds. Just like our first natural building, Air Dwelling has also been hand crafted by our local artisans while working in tandem with architects, engineers and volunteers from different corners of the world.

It’s passive solar design also ensures that we the rooms are heated naturally during the day through solar energy which gets stored in the natural mass of straw bale, bamboo and mud walls.

Air Dwelling has two huts with each having its own distinct character.

Choose Air Dwelling 1, if you would like to travel down a nostalgic memory lane and reminisce the times spent on your grandparent’s secret attic. This hut has a mezzanine floor with stairs that invite children to climb up and cook up a new adventure in the forest or for loving couples to just lay back, stare at the floating clouds and the glittering stars.

Choose Air Dwelling 2, if you would like to wake up to the gurgling sound of the mountain stream that’s pierced by the mating calls of the forest magpies. It has a cosy lil private balcony that reaches out to grab the fruits from the branches of a wild olive tree that is home to hundreds of cicadas that happily croon for you on most autumn evenings.

Pricing: Rs. 4500/- , Rs. 5200/- and Rs. 5900/- for double, triple and quadruple occupancy respectively for each of the Air Dwelling rooms.  GST is charged separately  on the above rates.


TIEEDI Herb Garden Dwelling​

Herb Garden Dwelling is an opportunity for travellers to stay with us in our home and experience the culture of Darjeeling. The room is part of our residence but has it’s own privacy. A well equipped bathroom with geyser is also attached to the room. The room opens to our kitchen garden and a fish pond.

Pricing: Rs. 1500/- and Rs. 1800/- for double occupancy and triple occupancy respectively. GST is charged separately on these above rates.

TIEEDI Backpacker Hostel

Tieedi Backpacker Hostel is our shoutout to travellers seeking minimalist accommodation, great conversations, scrumptious organic meals and a cultural exchange in a permaculture forest garden.

Pricing: Rs. 650/- per bed. Maximum occupancy of four backpackers. GST is charged seperately on all bookings above Rs. 1000/night for group bookings.

Booking enquiry

You can book your stay with us through AirBnB or contact us directly using the following form:

We usually respond to your enquiries in a day or two. However, if your requirement is urgent, kindly  call us @ +91 76028 13807.