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Pipli Tree - 6th Sept 2016

Pipli Tree

As part of our reforestation project in our site, we have planted 350 trees during the monsoons of 2016. It took the four of us almost a month to cut through the undergrowth and plant the saplings whilst braving torrential rain (and hungry leeches!) but that seems to have been the easy part of this project! To nurture a tree over its tender first few years turns out to be quite a momentous task!

We intend to photograph and track the growth of our tree saplings and someday create a timelapse video for a few of them some twenty years down the line (did we mention already that this project is going to be a long term adventure for us?).

Presenting the first such photograph of the handsome Pipli tree that is two months old in our garden. Watch it spread its bold leaves in our bi-weekly growth update on this youngster.

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